With Forney Wire Rope, The Projects are Endless

Posted by Rachel Bigum on Jan 7, 2019 10:56:17 AM

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Hanging Lights With Forney Wire Rope 
Photo Courtesy of Brandoom, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Forney Industries offers more than just welders, they also provide a multitude of tools and equipment to help with any project—metalworking and otherwise. One of Forney’s best-selling products is their vinyl coated galvanized wire rope, otherwise known as aircraft cable.

This wire rope can of course be used for various repairs, but it is also popular for do-it-yourself projects. Below is a breakdown chart of this product:

Forney Vinyl Coated Wire Rope
ITEM# 70452

Forney Wire Rope, 1/8"For more sizes and lengths of this wire rope, click here
Details Of The Product
- 250 feet of vinyl coated galvanized wire rope (aircraft cable)
- On a plastic reel
- Breaking strength: 1,700 lbs
- Not suitable for overhead lifting
- Not intended for aircraft use, but is designed for industrial and   marine applications
- Spool, vinyl wire coated rope 7x7
- Can be paired with Forney Cable Cutters, ITEM# 70408

Check out the following ways you can use Forney Wire Rope to create something truly awesome.

1. Build a Low Budget Aircraft Cable Railing
Courtesy of: DIY Dork.com

If you need a low budget way to give your stairwell a face lift, this project is the one for you. This inexpensive aircraft cable railing is weather resistant, sturdy, and easy to create. Thanks to DIYDork.com, you can watch this video tutorial and make one for yourself.







2. Build Your Own Retractable Awning
Courtesy of: Ronhazelton.com 

If that mid-day sun is driving you bonkers, this project will change your life! With the help of Ron Hazelton.com and some Forney Wire Rope, you too can learn how to make a retractable awning. This step to step tutorial video will take the guesswork out of this project. 


3. Picture Hanging with Wire Rope
Courtesy of: Homedit.com

Yes, this product is even handy for displaying your precious memories. By simply stringing Forney Wire Rope across your wall, your home can transform into a display of all your favorite photos. Take a look at the picture below for some inspiration! 

Hanging Photos With Wire Rope

4. String Lights In Your Backyard
Photo Courtesy of: Brandoom, a Forney Amazon Customer

One of Forney's Amazon customers shared this photo of the lights he's strung in his backyard using the Forney Wire Rope. Brandoom gave Forney Wire Rope five stars and left a comment that read "great product!" 
Hanging Lights With Forney Wire Rope

To learn how to create lighting similar to this, check out this post on the Home Depot Blog. 

5. Hang Your Own Unique Bird feeder With Forney Wire Rope
Courtesy of: thegardenroofcoop.com

If those flying friends outside your window are looking hungry, use Forney Wire Rope to hang a custom bird feeder! The Garden Roof Coop.com features step by step tutorials to not only teach you how to hang the bird feeder, but also how to create one! Check out the final product below.
Hang Your Bird Feeder With Forney Wire Rope

6. Make a DIY Pulley Clothesline
Project Courtesy of: PracticallyFunctional.com

If you're looking to save on some electricity, close the door to that dryer and make your own pulley clothesline out of wire rope! A once old school design is modernized by Jessi of PracticallyFunctional.com, and broken down into easy steps so anyone can create this project. Take a gander at Jessi's final product below.

DIY Clothesline Pulley

7. Build a Cable Run For Your Pup
Courtesy of: jennaandsnickers.com

If that furry friend of yours needs to stay close, this project is one you shouldn't miss. A cable run for dogs is the perfect way to give them the freedom they deserve without sacrificing your peace of mind. Jenna And Snickers.com feature a step by step tutorial that makes it simple to construct this dog run. Visit their page, grab some Forney Wire Rope and you're all set to go! 
The photo below is a closer look at their final product.

Final Dog Run

Well there you have it! Forney's Wire Rope is a multipurpose tool that is also perfect for a variety of cool projects.
If you try out any of these projects, tag #ForneyInd to be featured on our Instagram page! 

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