The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Forney Welder

Posted by Melissa Zager on Sep 1, 2016 2:05:15 PM

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Forney Welders - Get It Done With Green

The New Standard is Green 

"Build a line of welders you would want to use on a daily basis." When Jason Mahugh was given the green light to create a new line of welding equipment at Forney Industries, these were the directions he was given from the company's executives. Mahugh, the senior welding product line manager, began crafting Forney's new line of green machines. These easy-to-use welders fill a variety of needs, from the amateur DIYer to professionals looking for flexible daily use machines.

With so many new options available, how do you know which welder is right for you? We've broken it down for you in the infographics below.

Get It Done with Green

Wanting to buy a welder but not sure where to start? Look through the infographics below to choose the right Forney welder for you. Choose by skill level, price range, specifications, application, or metal type. Want to download the files to look over later? Click the download button at the bottom of this post.


Guides to Purchasing a Forney Welder

Choose by skill level or price range: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Guide to buying Forney welders

Choose by welder specs: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Forney Welder Specification Gude


Choose by welding application or process: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Forney Welding Guide Applications


Choose by material - what kind of metal are you welding? CLICK TO ENLARGE

Forney Welding Guide Materials

Get the Job Done Right

Still not sure which Forney welder is right for you? Visit your local Forney dealer to speak with a knowledgable sales team one-on-one or call our customer service team at 1-800-521-6038 . Forney Industries is also a nationwide leader for the metalworking tools you need to get every job done right! 

Want to download the files to look over more closely? Click the download button below or right-click and choose "Save Link As". Or, go straight to the webstore to look through Forney welders.





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