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History of Forney Welding Machines

Forney Industries welding machines quickly became the choice for farm, auto and light industrial welders across the nation. It all began in 1936, when J.D. Forney invented and produced the first successful 110-volt/125 amp and 110-volt/150 amp welders intended for use outside the industrial setting.  These red welding machines offered the perfect solution to the consumer in need.  From there on, Forney Industries paved the way for the welding industry and has continued to grow their product offering.

Forney Industries introduced its arc welder division in the late 1930s.  Arc welding was a profession that demanded long and specialized training, making it a costly service.  With the increase of machinery equipment, especially on the farm, a more economical method of repair was needed.  Forney experimented in this field, and later brought forth the Forney All Purpose Arc Welder.  Forney had the quality materials, workmanship, facilities, and backing to maintain the top name in arc welding.  They provided not only the first publicly available arc welder, but they offered reasonably priced, fine quality welding supplies.  Forney welding machines could be found across the country.

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