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Forney Accessories

With so many accessories to choose from, it’s important to know what users are saying about Forney products. Hearing reviews from our customers helps us at Forney know what we are doing right, and how we can improve. We are always striving to make the best products for our customers because we know that’s what they deserve.

Check out these reviews from real Forney customers!

Wire Rope
ITEM# 70452

1/8"-3/16" x 250', vinyl coated

Wire Rope

Spool, vinyl coated wire rope, also known as aircraft cable. 250' (76.2m) x 1/8"-3/16" (3.18mm-4.76mm) long with a breaking strength of 1,700 Lbs. (771.11 Kg). Small diameter construction wire rope is not intended for aircraft use but is designed for industrial and marine applications. Not suitable for overhead lifting.

Product Specifications
250 feet of vinyl coated galvanized wire rope (aircraft cable)
On a plastic reel
Breaking strength: 1,700 lbs
Not suitable for overhead lifting
Not intended for aircraft use,
but is designed for industrial and marine applications
Spool, vinyl wire coated rope 7x7
Can be paired with Forney Cable Cutters, ITEM# 70408
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"Can I just say, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT A DEAL THIS IS?! The most comparable price I could find at a local hardware store was still well above $100, for less material. We bought this to hang our outdoor lights from Costco. Per someone's review, we used these and they fit perfectly." - Amazon Verified Purchaser

"Bought to use as washline. I did not believe another reviewer that stated he could not cut it, as I have several different sizes of wire cutter. Well guess what, I couldn't cut it. Either take a sharp metal chisel and hit it with a hammer or use a portable grinder with a cutting wheel. This stuff is tough and I think my wooden poles will rot before this breaks. Awesome product, 50 times better than you would find at the big box home improvement stores." 
-Tim, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"I'm very happy with this purchase and I found the product to be exactly as described. The price was probably 1/4 what Home Depot or Lowes is charging. The vinyl coating is thick and makes working with the wire rope much easier. I used this to create a lattice between my backyard fence posts." -Amazon Verified Purchaser 

Cut-Off Wheel, Metal Type 1
ITEM# 71847
4-1/2" x 1/16" x 7/8"

Cutt-Off Wheel, Metal Type 1

Aluminum oxide metal cutting wheel. Ideal for metal cutting, metal abrasion, body work, metal fabrication and general repair work. Used on ferrous material.

Product Specifications 
Wheel Size: 4-1/2" (114.3 millimeters)
Thickness: 1/16" (1.59 millimeters)
Wheel Type: Type 1 (flat)
Arbor: 7/8": (22.23 millimeters)
Specs: A46T-BF
RPM: 13,580
Tool Type: Angle Grinder
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“Arrived as promised and fit my hand grinder. A very handy tool to have in your tool box. I would purchase from this seller again.” 
-Tim, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Used on the day before in my Matabo 6” angle grinder, worked very well. I used it to cut off some 5/16” bolts, it cut like crazy. Looks like they will last a good while.” 
-James, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Forney cut off wheels are the best I’ve found.”
-Ige, Amazon Verified Purchaser 

Grinding Wheel, Metal Type 27
ITEM# 71819
4-1/2" x 1/4" x 5/8"

Forney Grinding Wheel

Aluminum oxide metal grinding wheel. Ideal for metal grinding, metal abrasion, body work, metal fabrication and general repair work. Used on ferrous materials. 

Product Specifications
Wheel Size: 4-1/2" (114.3 millimeters)
Thickness: 1/4" (6.35 millimeters)
Wheel Type: Type 27 (depressed center)
Arbor: 5/8"-11
Spec: A24R
Maximum Revolutions Per Minute (RPM): 13,300
Tool Type:  Angle Grinder
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“I have used this brand of grinding wheel for several years, it cuts well and wears well. You need a powerful enough grinder to handle this aggressive cut of the disc. The Amazon price is a little more but they ship it directly to me and I don’t have to make a special trip to town to pick it up.” -Wren, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“I like the wheels that have an integral threaded adapter, like this one. It makes changing wheels fast. I save these for my 4” cordless grinder when it gets smaller due to wear."
-Amazon Verified Purchaser 

“Makes sharpening mower blades fast. For the serious DIY’er you’ll need a large grinder to be able to run this wheel.” -Amazon Verified Purchaser

Cup Brush Knotted
ITEM# 72757
2-3/4" x .020" x 5/8"- 11 Arbor

Cup Brush Knotted

Ideal for fast, heavy-duty cleaning of large surfaces, removing weld scale, rust, burrs, etc. Designed for use on angle grinders.

Product Specifications
Diameter: 2-3/4" (69.85 millimeters)
Arbor: 5/8"-11
Material: Steel
Wire Size: .020" (.50 millimeters)
Maximum Revolutions
Per Minute (RPM):
Tool Type:  Angle Grinder 
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“I recently used up my Forney wire cup, and just bought another. I don't normally leave reviews until I've used a product, and often then I forget. However since I ordered another, I will say that service life was good. Reasonably aggressive (expected from a twisted wire wheel), but the real reason I am buying another is because it didn't lose bristles. The bristles actually wore down to nubs at the end without shedding any. Stiffness of the bristles was also good, the cup didn't flare out too much, and cut consistently with pressure. Quite pleased with the service, life, and quality of this one.” -Scott, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Excellent item, and well-built. Used with an angle grinder it does a great job of removing heavy rust from metal. Best of all the knotted wires don't come loose or fly off. Would buy again.” -Makenna, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This is great wire brush. I'm using it to remove paint and rust on a vehicle frame and this cup does the trick, blasts through the muck quick and easy. The cup maintains its shape well, there's some spread at high speeds and high pressure but overall it's still awesome. The strands keep their twist and I've not noticed any major loss of wire bits. The cost can't be beat either, far less than big brand cups and no loss of quality, I know because I've used those big brand devices.” -Will, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Forney Lug Crimping Tool
ITEM# 57637

Lug Crimping Tool

This product is a hammer type cable lug crimping tool that is spring loaded, and crimps cable lugs from #6 to #3/0 American Wire Gauge. 

“I’m often the first to complain about low quality tools manufactured in China but I have to admit, this crimper works quite well. I used this tool to make literally dozens of crimps to assemble three dual-battery systems with solar tie-ins and inverters on 4WD expedition vehicles, I used marine-grade ANCO tinned-copper fine-stranded wire from 2 AWG to 1/0 AWG with ANCO tinned copper lugs. I was impressed with this tool’s operation and the appearance of the crimps.” -Brian, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This thing works like a charm. I was seriously impressed. I did an install of a second battery on my boat and had to set up 8 different cables, being able to buy bulk cable and terminals saved me a ton of money and it looks so much more professional with the cables cut to the correct lengths. I used a ball peen hammer with the tool on a block of wood. Excellent tool.” 
-Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This is a good example of compact simplicity and reasonable price. It does just what it's intended for. It should last me a lifetime and allows solid attachment of terminals to cable (unlike the cheap bolt-down terminals that fail with regularity due to loose connections and corrosion). When it comes to replacing a power cable terminal end this tool is perfect!”  
-Will, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Nozzle Gel
ITEM# 37031

This Nozzle Gel eliminates erratic operation with a film that will not clog orifices and threads on MIG nozzles and contact tips. Suitable for use on fixtures of semi- and automatic welders. Odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic and silicone free. Will not cause porosity.

Nozzle Gel

"It works as expected. Haven't had to replace a nozzle or tip in quite a while."
-Amazon Verified Purchaser
 "What more can you ask for. You don't need much and you'll be relatively spatter free for hours." - Amazon Verified Purchaser
"This gel works really well to keep the nozzle clean on my mig. Will buy more as needed. Good quality product for the money." -Samuel, Amazon Verified Purchaser 

Electrode Holder- 200 Amps
ITEM# 56000

This electrode holder has a brass body with a fiberglass cover and trigger. It accepts up to #2 welding cables and 5/32" electrodes. This product provides excellent conductivity and durability, and is insulated for safety and maximum operator protection. The grooved jaws allow electrodes to be used at different angles for greater comfort and efficiency.  

Electrode Holder

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"This is a very heavy duty holder and makes a huge difference in the welds compared to the cheapo holder that came with my Harbor Freight arc welder. This plus the upgraded grounding clamp reduces rod sticking and increases penetration resulting in a stronger, cleaner weld. Definitely should have bought this awhile ago."
-Phi, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Deluxe Rod Storage Container
ITEM# 93097

Deluxe Rod Storage Container

This rod storage container is made of high impact polypropylene plastic, and has an overall length of 14-3/6". It includes four internal compartments to separate rods, and a screw-type cap and rubber o-ring that provides clean, dry, and air-tight storage for electrodes. This container allows you to store up to 10lbs.

"wow this tube is big. very solid and well made. A+" - Dennis, Amazon Verified Purchaser
 "A fine product at a good price. I will reorder if I need any more. A dry welding rod is a happy welding rod." -Kenneth, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Extra- Long Tip Cleaner Kit
ITEM# 86119
Sizes 6-26

Extra Long Tip Cleaner

 This tip cleaner kit provides as many as 60 or more cleaning edges per inch of cleaner. It fits all tip sizes, is light and easy to use, contains 11 sizes, and includes an aluminum case complete with a dressing tool.

For a regular size tip cleaner kit, click here

"I purchased this tip cleaner for my husband who, cleans carburetors and small engines. It's a tool that he has used extensively and rates it very highly." - Amazon Verified Purchaser
 "I use this set of tip cleaners in cleaning small engine carburetors. The tip cleaners work very well in this effort as far as size and flexibility."-Amazon Verified Purchaser
"I used this to open up an orifice in the master cylinder of my motorcycle's brake system. It worked great. I've wanted a set of these for a long time and I'm sure I'll find many other uses for it." -Bob, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Battery Jumper Cables
ITEM# 52878

Battery Jumper Cables

These battery jumper cables are made with premium #2 copper welding cable. Comes in a handy carrying case for easy storage. They have a length of 25' (7.62 meters).

“As with everything you get in life, you get what you pay for. Bought two sets to start an old diesel F 450 mid 90s Ford sitting for 4 years, with totally dead batteries. They work great, never even really got warm at all. Yup, would buy again in a heartbeat.” 
-William, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“I have had the Forney jumper cables for almost a year. I have jumped cars, HD trucks and some farm equipment off with them and they have been faithful every time.” 
-Amazon Verified Purchaser

“These cables are heavy. Made from welding cable, they are heavy duty and durable. Clamps are strong and should hold very well onto battery terminals. These cables are heavy which would indicate that they are made from pure copper (pure copper wire is much heavier that copper covered aluminum wire). Still need to run a few tests, but so far, I'm happy. For my Range Rover, I will use these Forney cables.” 
– Joe, Amazon Verified Purchaser

 MIG Pliers
ITEM# 85801

This MIG pliers have 7 different features for MIG welding applications including; needle nose pliers that grip for pulling, small serrated hole for MIG tips, flat surfaces for hammering, cutter to trim MIG wire, a large serrated hole for nozzle, a spring loaded handle and a thick insulated comfort grip. 

MIG Pliers

"Used in our shop - guys like them and will be ordering them in the future!"
-Jennifer, Amazon Verified Purchaser 
 "Received the Pliers and they were as described. Expect to get many years of service from them as made of good quality." -Amazon Verified Purchaser
 "Use them every day they work great for welding snipping wire cleaning the tip to removing the tip and pliers"- Amazon Verified Purchaser

Scratch Brush With Long Handle
ITEM# 70521 

Scratch Brush With Long Handle

Ideal for general purpose cleaning, cook-out grills, dairy operations, restaurants and surfaces exposed to high humidity. This brush is strong and durable with solidly embedded Stainless-Steel bristles. Stainless Steel is recommended when brushing corrosion-resistant or non-ferrous metals such as stainless or aluminum or when the brush is being used in a wet environment.

Product Specifications
3 x 9 rows
Stainless Steel
13-3/4" (349.25 millimeters) long wood handle with pre-drilled hole
.014" Stainless Steel wire

For more information on Stainless Steel, check out this blog!

“Good wire brush! No complaints here. I used it to remove paint from metal and it worked flawless!” -Justin, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Does well for what I need it for. I own a gas grill with ceramic coated, cast iron grates and the brass bristles help to prevent from removing the ceramic coating when removing debris. They gum up after a while but at this price I don't mind replacing them every season or so. Chef recommends!” -Amazon Verified Purchaser

“A quality product that feels good in the hand. Extra-long for great cleaning....worth the price and more. We work and weld alum and have to have a dedicated brush just for we had to order another for general shop use. The crew hates the standard rust apart brushes I usually buy.” -Glenn, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Yellow Paint Marker
ITEM# 70822

Yellow Paint Marker

This Yellow Paint Marker is oil-based and meant for permanent marking on most surfaces. It is intense, highly visible, and quick drying. Colors are water and weather resistant. Precision valve regulates paint flow. For use on metal, plastic, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, cement and more. Includes 10cc's of paint.
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 "I bought two versions of yellow paint pens - one made by Sharpie, and this Forney one. I needed to stencil numbers and letters onto some black Pelican cases. I started off with the Sharpie as I was more confident in that brand, but soon found that the Sharpie paint marker didn't adhere very well to the plastic surface and wouldn't get the job done. The Forney (which I'd never heard of) easily outperformed the Sharpie and I was very happy with the results.” -Matt, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“This is a great marker for indicating which bolts have been torqued to spec or marking your tires for trackways and racing. I've tried other markers and they tend to dry up much faster if they're not used every day or in warm weather while I can just throw the Forney in my toolbox and know it'll work a month later without frustration.”
-Aaron, Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Took a bit of shaking the first time, but I expect that. Once the paint was flowing, it was just fine. The color is bold and dries quickly. As usual, multiple light coats are preferable over a single heavy one. I won't hesitate to buy this again if I run dry.” 
-Amazon Verified Purchaser

Single- Flint Striker 
ITEM# 86102

 This single-flint striker features a square hood and a round file with a patented assembly. It has a screw on type lighter and is easy to squeeze.

Single-Flint Striker

For a three-flint striker, click here
For replacement flints, click here

"This is a great product. I use to ignite a small propane torch (for plumbing and starting charcoal). It also works very well for starting large propane burners like those used for outdoor cooking (which we use for our large pressure canner in the summer and for boiling down maple syrup in the winter)." -JR, Amazon Verified Purchaser

"Made in USA! Works very well lighting my torch. (Blow torch for plumbing etc) I also have a USA made benzo and this one is way better. It's striking surface is round and rougher and since it's round you can spin it to a fresh area if needed. The bezo has a flat pad with half the texture of this one. Highly recommend!" -Charles, Amazon Verified Purchaser

Your feedback means the world to us at Forney. If you've used our accessories and like to leave a review, we encourage you to do so!

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