How to Build a Garden Trellis

Posted by Blair Weilnau on Dec 10, 2017 5:53:16 PM

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DIY Garden Trellis

Learn how to build your own garden trellis with rebar, concrete reinforcement mesh and a Forney Easy Weld!  A garden trellis can be used for cucumbers, green beans or any other vine plant growing in your garden. These step by step instructions can be modified for a variety of different garden configurations, but will work best for existing planter boxes. 


  • Forney Easy Weld 100 ST 
  • 3 pieces of 1/2" rebar, 10' length (less or more depending on desired trellis size)
  • 1 4'x8' sheet of concrete reinforcement mesh
  • Magnets

Step by Step Instructions:

For the garden pictured below, there were 3 garden boxes placed 3.5' apart. A trellis was needed to help keep the cucumbers off the ground and for the vines to grow up. A garden trellis can be used for cucumbers, green beans or any other vine plant growing in your garden.

  1. Start by creating a rebar base (square or rectangle shape) and cut to desired size.

    Garden trellis base suggestion

  2. Lay out your pieces. Use the ground as your flat edge and a magnet to help keep it square, and tack weld the rebar frame. Finish with complete welds once you ensure it's square.

  3. Bend rebar into the desired arch. You can bend this by hand or with the help of a torch.

  4. Place arch inside frame and begin tack welding once everything is square to the base.  Go back over with complete welds.

  5. Bend the concrete mesh over the arched rebar and tack weld as you go. It's easiest to start on one side and work your way over the arch. Tack welds should hold the rebar in place, but if you find you need full welds for a stronger hold, go back over the tack welds.

  6. Cut off any excess mesh with a cutting wheel and grind it smooth with a grinding wheel.

  7. Attach trellis to your planter boxes. Either drill a hole in the rebar and the planter box to secure it, or screw a larger screw into the side of the planter box and rest the trellis on top. As long as you're comfortable your trellis won't fall and is stable, attach it to the planter box as desired.

 Garden trellis finished project


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