History of Forney Welding Machines

Posted by Blair Weilnau on Mar 29, 2016 2:42:47 PM

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Forney welders

Forney Industries welding machines quickly became the choice for farm, auto and light industrial welders across the nation.  It all began in 1936, when J.D. Forney invented and produced the first successful 110-volt/125 amp and 110-volt/150 amp welders intended for use outside the industrial setting.  These red welding machines offered the perfect solution to the consumer in need.  From there on, Forney Industries paved the way for the welding industry and has continued to grow their product offering.

Forney Industries  introduced its arc welder division in the late 1930s.  Arc welding was a profession that demanded long and specialized training, making it a costly service.  With the increase of machinery equipment, especially on the farm, a more economical method of repair was needed.  Forney experimented in this field, and later brought forth the Forney All Purpose Arc Welder.  Forney had the quality materials, workmanship, facilities, and backing to maintain the top name in arc welding.  They provided not only the first publicly available arc welder, but they offered reasonably priced, fine quality welding supplies.  Forney welding machines could be found across the country.

Edited 7/26/16: If you find yourself the proud owner of an older Forney welder, you can find our heritage manuals here: http://www.askforney.com/product-info/manuals/

Forney C5 welding machine

Above: Forney C-5 AC 180A welder

The Forney C-5 was the most famous of the Forney units.  It was an AC,  180 amp welder that was built to strict standards.  It met N.E.M.A., REA and CSA requirements and was tested and approved by UL.



Above: Forney C5 AC 180A welder

A new big brother to the C5, this unit is the same welder, plus a 6V-12V battery charger with built in 3 hour timer.



Above: Forney CB 250A welder

A 250 amp welder that was best used where higher amperage was needed.  This machine was approved for use on many power line.



Above: Forney Model IG-751 Arc-Tron 

This machine was an Arc-Tron, not a welder.  An Arc-Tron is a high frequency arc stabilizer used with a welder.  In this model you have the controls for inert gas, water cooling of the torch and high frequency. This was the answer to the TIG welding process.



Above: Forney Model I 350A AC welder

Model I was a 350 amp AC welder of the industrial type.  Thirty-six heat stages, forced air cooling and rugged construction makes this machine ideal for jobs requiring higher heat.



Above: Forney Model 5KGW 250A AC welder

This is a generator welder that quickly gained popularity due to its ability to deliver 250 amps (AC) welding current.  A flip of the switch changes it to a stand-by power plant delivering 5,000 watts of either 230 volt or 115 volt, 60 cycle AC electricity.  Powered by a two-cylinder Wisconsin engine.



Above: Forney Model A 300A AC welder


The Model A is a 300 amp, AC welder for medium to industrial use.  Features include fan cooled, 36 heat stages and rugged construction.



Above: Forney F-100 welder

This machine is a 100 amp welder with 115V-230V input.  This completely equipped machine is ideal for light welding and brazing soldering,  a perfect machine for the everyday hobbyist.

Forney's line of red welding machines were manufactured in Fort Collins, CO from 1932-1985 and the Arc welding machines continued until 2007.  At that time, Forney discontinued manufacturing welding machines.  In 2009, when Clarke® welding went bankrupt, we were asked to take over the service of Clarke® welding machines.  That same year, we relaunched Forney welders and rebranded the Forney welder line to green.  In 2015, Forney launched the biggest, most comprehensive redesign and product launch in company history.  For over 2 years, Forney developed new welding machines that were focused on value and benefits that could be offered at an unbeatable price point. Forney was going back to their roots.

Forney Industries' refreshed welding line has machines for every welder, from the beginner to the professional. The Forney 210 MIG, 270 MIG, and 242 Dual MIG have been designed to weld a variety of thicker, larger materials.  The multi-processors (MP) machines (140 MP and 190 MP) have the capability to MIG, TIG or Stick weld with the flip of a switch and the Forney Easy Weld™ machines were created for the hobbyist or beginner DIYer.  New plasma cutters (700P, 325P, and 250P+) were also introduced.  With more versatility and improved designs, these plasma cutters can cut a variety of thicknesses.

Forney won the 2015 Gold Innovation Award in the Welding Equipment and Accessories category from the Home Improvement Executive magazine. Consumers enjoy how easy to use and reliable the machines are.  Simple features such as a longer power cord to work across the garage and a torch wrap for easy storage provide valuable and effective benefits customers appreciate. These machines are crafted to meet industry standards and encompass the most requested features for the automotive, hardware, farm & ranch, industrial and do-it-yourself markets. 



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