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Calling all novice to professional welders! Forney Industries has you covered for your next metalworking project. We've created step-by-step tutorials to help you get started on your next DIY masterpiece. Don't see your machine used with the project you want to build? Not a problem! The projects are interchangeable and can be used with a variety of welding machines depending on your skill level.

 Project One: Build a Vintage Inspired Industrial Stool 

joe mooney and his industrial stool

Joe Mooney, founder of Homesteadonomics, teams up with Forney Industries to build something unique and impressive. With the need to spice up his home office, Joe decided on a design that couldn't disappoint; a vintage style industrial stool. This project is easy to create with a Forney 190 MP (ITEM# 324), some metal and these step by step instructions!

Project Two: Build The Perfect Decoration For A Spooky Lawn 

halloween plasma cut ghost

This incredibly simple DIY Halloween decoration is perfect for any novice welder that can operate a plasma cutter. Even if October has come and gone, you can customize each step to build the perfect decoration for any holiday! The Forney 325 P (ITEM# 302) and the Forney Easy Weld 20 P (ITEM# 251) are the perfect machines for this project.  

Project Three: Build Your Own Off-Road Go-Kart Chassis 

joe mooney and his daughter with the go kart they built together

This is the biggest project Forney has ever tackled, but that doesn't mean you can't create one of your own! With the help of Joe Mooney, we have broken down each step to take the fear out of such a large project. Grab your Forney 190 MP (ITEM# 324), follow each step and make your go-kart dreams a reality. 

Project Four: How to Build a Chiminea Pizza Cooker 

Pizza Chiminea Cooker

Imagine taking a bite of a freshly baked pizza made by your very own pizza cooker! This dream could be a reality. All it takes is a Forney Easy Weld 125 FC (ITEM# 299) and a large to medium compressor tank. Let's get to cookin'! 

Project Five: Beef Up Your Garage With This DIY Welding Cart

Joe mooney and his new DIY welding cart

If you have all the welding gear, but no place to stow it, we've got the project for you! This three-shelf welding cart is a great new addition to any garage, and you can make it with your own two hands. These step by step instructions and the Forney 190 MP (ITEM# 324) will help you create this durable and stylish welding cart. 

Project Six: How to Build a Garden Trellis

DIY Garden Trellis

Learn how to build your very own garden trellis with rebar, concrete reinforcement mesh and a Forney Easy Weld 100 ST (ITEM# 298) or 125 FC (ITEM #299). A garden trellis can be used for cucumbers, green beans or any other vine plant growing in your garden. These step by step instructions can be modified for a variety of different garden configurations but will work best for existing planter boxes. 

Project Seven: How to Build a Small Wood Burning Smoker

DIY smoker

With the help of a Forney Easy Weld 100 ST (ITEM# 298) or a 125 FC (ITEM# 299) you can learn how to make your own wood burning smoker that is sure to liven up any backyard. The small size of the smoker makes it easy and simple to use! 

Project Eight: Build Your Own DIY Welding Table 

Forney Industries welding table

This project is super easy, but the final product looks like it was made by a professional. A Forney 190 MP (ITEM# 324), a 700 P Plasma cutter (ITEM# 303) and our step by step instructions can help you can learn how to build this high quality welding table. Be sure to watch the video we've attached below so that all of your questions are answered.



Project Nine: Build Your Dog a Deluxe Waterer 

joe mooney and the dog water tower

Are you tired of constantly filling up that water bowl for your thirsty four-legged friend? Grab your Forney 700 P Plasma Cutter (ITEM# 303) and your Forney 190 MP (ITEM# 324) and make your life easier by following these step by step instructions to build an eye-catching dog water tower. 

If you decide to create any of these awesome projects, tag #ForneyInd or #ForneyEasyWeld to be featured on our Instagram page! 

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