Be Prepared, Stay Powered: Jump Start With Air Compressor

Posted by Rachel Bigum on Apr 15, 2019 11:15:46 AM

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Jump Start With Air Compressor

Forney understands how important it is for your life to stay charged. That's why they've rounded out a line of battery chargers that are sure to put life back into your batteries. Check out the details below and learn about Forney's Jump Start With Air Compressor.

Jump Start Battery Charger With Air Compressor

Jump Start W/Air Compressor-Front

Jump Start W/Air Compressor-Back

ITEM# 52765

  12-volt jump start with air compressor
  120-volt 4.67A AC output, 12-volt 15A DC output
  Normal cranking average ranges from 200 to 400 amps
  The peak amperage ranges from 800 to 900 amps
  This jump start is compatible with AGM, GEL and Standard type batteries

  Operating features include:

  • Built-in battery with external charger
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter and charger
  • 12-volt outlet with 15 amp overloading protector 
  • 5-volt DC USB port that can be used for a multitude of things including mobile device charging.
  • Safety on/off switch
  • LED working and emergency lights

  Important safety features including:

  • Reverse polarity, wrong connection and low voltage warnings
  • Audio error alarm that prevents damage to the jump start and your battery
  • Wrap cleats for easy storage and trip and fall protection
  • Heavy-duty clamps with thick insulated cables
 Built-in power inverter
 Max working 250 PSI air compressor 

For more information about this jump start, check out the videos below:



To learn more about this machine, and the rest of the battery chargers in this line, check out this blog, visit or call Forney's customer service at 1-800-521-6038.

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