Forney's 235 AC/DC Arc Welder: A Welding Classic

Posted by Rachel Bigum on Jan 18, 2019 12:13:32 PM

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Forney 235 AC-DC Arc Welder

A deeper look into one of Forney's most dependable machines: The 235 AC/DC Arc Welder. 

The 235 AC/DC Arc Welder has been a part of the Forney family since 2012. In that time, it has grown to be one of the best performing machines of its kind. This impressive welder can constant-current weld from 24-Gauge to 1/2 inch at 30 to 235 amp output power, with a high output of 200+ amps. It comes with an electrode holder with a 15' power cable, ground clamp and electrode holder. This machine is ready to Stick weld right out of the box, and only handle assembly is required. If you're looking for a trustworthy, powerful and notable welder-you've found it.

If you don't believe us, take it from these satisfied purchasers!

"Everything in the kit is high quality. Excellent price for what you get. I am a weekend welder, and this being 120 volts is perfect for home use."  
-Amy, Amazon Customer

"If you're looking for a transformer type welder and don't want to pay $600 for a Miller or Hobart, this is the one to get." 
-Lamb, Amazon Customer

"I have had this welder for about 4 years now (2018) and it welds great! Not one problem." 
-MWK, Home Customer

Have we piqued your interest yet? If so, check out more details about this machine below.
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235 AC-DC stick welder

Forney 235 AC/DC Arc Welder

ITEM# 314


Input Power

Amperage Range


Rated Output



Quick Specs Stick (SMAW) 230V 45a-235A Up to 5/32" 235A @ 20% Duty Cycle 108 lbs 12" x 16.5" x 30.5"
Features and Benefits: 
  Accessible  Ready to weld right out of the box.
  Powerful  High output of 200+.
  Reliable  Illuminated on/off switch and fan cooling system.
  Versatile  AC/DC CC welding from 24-gauge to ½ inch thickness at 45 to 235 amps, Dinse style connection provides easy   polarity change and longer cables provide a larger work envelope.
Includes: Applications:
 15' welding cable and electrode holder   DIY
 15' ground cable and clamp   Maintenance & Repair
 15' power cord   Contractor
  Metal Fabrication
Warranty Information
  5 Years  Original main power rectifiers only to include SCRs, diodes and discrete rectifier modules, transformers,   stabilizers and reactors
  3 Years  Drive systems, PC boards, motors, switches and controls
  1 Year  MIG guns, relays, contractors and regulators, plasma cutting torches, and accessories
Setting Duty Cycle AMPS
 DC  35%  135A
 AC  50%  150A

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