Unboxing the Forney Easy Weld 125 FC

Curious about the Forney Easy Weld 125 FC? This machine is simple to set up and comes with a few things to help you get started. Let's take a look inside!

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Forney Welder

The New Standard is Green 

"Build a line of welders you would want to use on a daily basis." When Jason Mahugh was given the green light to create a new line of welding equipment at Forney Industries, these were the directions he was given from the company's executives. Mahugh, the senior welding product line manager, began crafting Forney's new line of green machines. These easy-to-use welders fill a variety of needs, from the amateur DIYer to professionals looking for flexible daily use machines.

With so many new options available, how do you know which welder is right for you? We've broken it down for you in the infographics below.

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Forney Welders in Detail

Forney Industries continues to expand their signature green machines.  The comprehensive line includes welding machines designed with the DIY enuthisiast to the professional user in mind.  These welders work for a variety of applications and offer high-end features without the high-end price.


In Welding, Stick welding, TIG welding, MIG welding