CEO of Forney Industries is Passionate About Welding Education

Steve Anderson, president and CEO of Forney Industries, is the third generation of the Forney family to lead the 80-year-old welding and metal-working company based in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  A devoted supporter of trade schools and community colleges and a member of the Front Range Community College (FRCC) board of directors, Anderson recognizes the shortage in manufacturing education.  He has dedicated his time and company resources to the college and its mission to train highly qualified welding professionals.  Forney donates thousands of dollars, countless hours and various welding products to welding programs nationwide because he believes trade schools and community colleges are becoming a more popular option for students.  He also feels that companies in the industry should pay it forward to ensure that students get the best training to keep the industry fresh.               

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Forney Industries named 2016 Category Captain

Forney Industries has been recognized as the 2016 Category Captain for Welding Equipment & Accessories by Home Improvement Executive magazine.

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