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Curved Edge Flap Discs

Tight corners? No sweat. Curved edge flap discs are ideal for grinding in corners and tight spaces where standard discs won't work. These discs will grind inside pipes and flanges, and can be used on all standard applications.

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How to Build a Small Wood Burning Smoker

Learn how to make your own wood burning smoker for your backyard with a Forney Easy Weld machine. For the beginner or novice user, the small size of this smoker is ideal to begin perfecting your smoking skills.

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How to Build a Garden Trellis

Learn how to build your own garden trellis with rebar, concrete reinforcement mesh and a Forney Easy Weld!  A garden trellis can be used for cucumbers, green beans or any other vine plant growing in your garden. These step by step instructions can be modified for a variety of different garden configurations, but will work best for existing planter boxes. 

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